Fox News Media has announced that the organization and its well-known host, Tucker Carlson, have reached a mutual decision to part ways.

This development occurs in the wake of Fox Corp, the parent company of Fox News Media, agreeing to pay a substantial sum of $787.5 million (£632 million) to Dominion Voting Systems in order to avoid a potentially damaging defamation trial.

The impending trial would have centered around Fox's coverage of unfounded claims that the 2020 US election results were manipulated through vote-rigging. Such allegations could have placed one of the world's leading media companies under intense scrutiny and jeopardized its reputation.

Tucker Carlson, who was anticipated to give testimony in the Dominion trial, has been at the heart of the controversy. Dominion Voting Systems, a Denver-based company, claimed that Carlson's show broadcast defamatory statements following the 2020 election.

Furthermore, the company alleged that communication between Carlson and his production team served as evidence that they were aware of the baseless nature of the claims made on-air. These claims suggested that Dominion's ballot-counting machines were manipulated to favor Joe Biden in the election.