In a captivating twist that has seized global attention, a submersible, initially launched on a mission to locate the legendary wreck of the Titanic, vanished mysteriously instead, creating a furor among the public and digital communities alike.

Since the shocking announcement, a wealth of social media content has emerged, with numerous netizens converting the situation into fodder for memes and online speculation. One such speculation that has gained considerable traction originated from a TikTok user who drew parallels between the submersible incident and an episode from the iconic animated television show, "The Simpsons."

Generating more than 25 million views and garnering 1.7 million likes, the video in question was posted by TikToker Justconspiracies (@nooneknowswhy19_). It features an approximately two-minute excerpt from an episode of "The Simpsons" in which the show's well-known protagonist, Homer Simpson, embarks on a deep-sea expedition to find treasure in a solo submarine.

Homer's underwater quest, however, veers into peril when his guide, referred to as his "long lost father," vanishes into the murky depths. Homer, hoping to locate his lost guide, is lured by a bioluminescent fish and subsequently becomes trapped in a rock formation on the ocean floor. Eventually, as his oxygen supply dwindles to nothing, he falls unconscious, his last word being a plaintive "Daddy."

Numerous observers have found uncanny similarities between this fictional scenario and the recent real-life tragedy involving the Titanic submersible that went missing at sea last Sunday. The submersible, carrying a crew of five, including a father and son duo, embarked on a mission to locate the historic shipwreck but failed to return. As of the latest reports, all aboard are feared dead following the U.S. Coast Guard's discovery of wreckage consistent with a "catastrophic implosion," as reported by NBC News.

Several commenters have voiced their awe and apprehension at the perceived accuracy of "The Simpsons" episode. One user urged others to watch all episodes of "The Simpsons" to foresee potential future events, while another emphasized the parallels between the show and the submersible incident, particularly the eerie coincidence of the oxygen running out.

Interestingly, this is not the first instance where "The Simpsons" has received attention for its seemingly prescient content. Over the years, fans and conspiracy theorists alike have claimed that the show anticipated numerous significant global events. An episode from 1993, titled "Marge in Chains," was suggested by some to have foreseen the Coronavirus pandemic and even the tragic demise of basketball legend Kobe Bryant. Other episodes have been linked to the arrival of the destructive "murder hornets" in the U.S. and the controversial Capitol riots that took place on January 6.